Jennifer Navas Makeup Artistry


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"She was completely invested from our very first conversation..."

Jennifer and her assistant were amazing! They arrived on time and ready to work, set up quickly and followed their schedule to a tee. Jennifer created a glamorous beauty plan to coordinate with our dresses and overall wedding feel. She was completely invested from our very first conversation and followed up with me throughout the planning process, offering support along the way. My trial was a wonderful experience. Jennifer made me feel comfortable in her at-home studio and really took her time, carefully noting the products she used to create a final look that I loved. On my wedding day Jennifer and her assistant were very detailed, professional and super sweet, easily my favorite wedding vendor. My girls and I felt beautiful and confident, even after hours on the dance floor! Jennifer, thank you so much for helping me feel like a star on my “best day ever”, I will forever sing your praises!

/  karen s. /



"On my wedding day, she gave me everything I wanted..."

Choosing a makeup artist for one of the most important days of your life can be quite nerve wracking. But, I knew this one task was going to be a breeze for me. Jen has done all of my three sisters’ bridal makeup and they all looked absolutely flawless! On my wedding day, she gave me everything I wanted with my natural beauty, but a hint of glam. Thank you, Jen, you’re the best!

/  YOQUEILY d. /



"She was able to understand the look I had in my mind and make it come to life better than I could have ever dreamed."

I had been following Jennifer’s Instagram profile for a while, and loved her work and style. When it came time to have my engagement photos in the city, I KNEW I needed Jennifer to do my makeup. The entire process was seamless. She is extremely organized and up front from the very beginning with the contract process and securing payment. She was professional and really made this experience an amazing one for me. I had my makeup done at Jennifer’s studio, and she was on time, very polite and made me feel right at home. We hit it off right away, and within minutes, she was able to understand the look I had in my mind and make it come to life better than I could have ever dreamed. I was SO obsessed with my makeup and received so many compliments. I would HIGHLY recommend Jennifer. I can’t wait until the next time she can work her magic on my face again!

/  jessica m. /



"I would highly recommend Jennifer for any BRIDE because she is TOP QUALITY!"

Jennifer is gifted when it comes to makeup. I have worked with her on 2 weddings and 2 styled shoots. Her brides come down the aisle looking gorgeous. She has personally done my makeup on the 2 styled shoots. JENNIFER IS PAINTING YOUR FACE! What I mean by that is, she takes her time and pays close attention to the details. She makes sure that your neck area matches your face and that your body (arms and chest area) is glowing to give you a fully beautified look. She takes the time to understand your skin and what your skin needs in addition to ensuring that you look your best. Jennifer can be trusted to make professional decision for you and she works well with inspiration. Jennifer is known to enhance your natural bone structure and make your transition from bare to GLAM! Her makeup is very clean, flawless and looks good in person and translates easily in photo/video. While she is equipped to do anyone's makeup, as a wedding officiant and wedding influencer I would highly recommend Jennifer for any BRIDE because she is TOP QUALITY!

/  married by rev roxy /



"Every interaction with Jennifer proved that she not only wanted to deliver excellence but that she cared about the application of the makeup."

On-point, Passionate, Professional, Considerate, Meticulous attention to detail! Thats how I would describe JenniferNavasArtistry. As a black woman with skin struggles (acne and scarring) I was overly concerned not to mention emotional about whether or not a smooth soft make-up look could be achieved on me. When I came across Jennifer's work I saw exactly what I desired in my heart. There were no gimmicks to get me to book, no boasting about her work and why I needed to choose her. She was honest about pricing, what it entailed and detailed about the booking and day of process. She gave me every bit of information I needed upfront in order to know what to expect. Every interaction with Jennifer proved that she not only wanted to deliver excellence but that she cared about the application of the make-up on my skin, how it would effect my skin, and much more about how confident and beautiful I would feel. She brings passion and knowledge about bridal to her work. Every email, phone call or text was answered in a timely manner with a professional and gentle tone. I completed a trial with Jennifer and to be honest I had never seen myself with this level of make-up on so I was taken aback. Jennifer didn't take offense and she welcomed my critique and suggestions. She not only listened but she actually captured the information with pen and paper and rehearsed it back to herself. She welcomed more feedback after the trial and was able to review with me what would work or not work for my skin. Jennifer not only studied my skin, asking questions but suggested regimens and followed up with me throughout the process to make sure she could execute exactly what I requested. And on the day of, she was early, patient, focused and brought a sweet peaceful energy that I needed. She affirmed me in so many ways that I'm sure every bride needs to hear on their wedding day. Not only did Jennifer provide me the look I desired but she gave me what I needed. She executed long wear, natural, camera ready make-up and prayer was a bonus. Something that made me comfortable and confident in my skin but slay as bride lol. And I have the photos to prove it! Jennifer was also responsible for my bridesmaids looks and provided suggestions about what would work with their dresses. The JenniferNavasArtistry team is perfection and my bridesmaids were also immensely satisfied with their looks. Everyone needs a Jennifer in their life so if you don't have one, make sure you at least get one for your wedding day make-up slay! I thank you! 

/  LENISHA s. /



"She was prepared and she was punctual and gave me the best service I could ask for!"

Jennifer Navas Artistry makeup service was exceptionally great!  She gave me exactly the look that I wanted (glitter and gold) and made me feel extra special on my big day.  Not only was she great but she was prepared and she was punctual and gave me the best service I could ask for!  I am so glad that I found her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone!!   

/  Gennesis c. /



"My makeup lasted the ENTIRE 10 hours!"

From the moment I contacted Jennifer to do my bridal preview last year I knew she was the MUA I needed. She proved how talented she was when she did my bridal trial AND further amazed me when she did my wedding day make up. Jennifer and her assistant arrived early and literally beat and slayed all seven of us! She was extremely professional and willing to step out of her comfort zone and take our make up requests to the next level. I wanted a bold and contoured look with super lush lashes and a bright red lip and of course she exceeded my expectations. Also let me note that my make up lasted the ENTIRE 10 hours! She has a great eye for color and made sure our make up would match perfectly with not only our dresses but even our bouquets. Her technique is gentle and I love how often she says “beautiful” as she’s doing your make up. All in all Jennifer was AMAZING and if you ever need a make up artist for ANY event or just need to feel extra special do not hesitate to contact her.

/  camille S. /



"Jennifer made us look beautiful and we all received nothing but compliments all night long!"

My daughter contacted Jennifer to get a preview of her work a year prior to her wedding. We both loved how Jennifer made her look. Forward to the wedding day and Jennifer did her look, my look and the maid of honor. I have to say not only did my daughter look amazing but so did we. Jennifer prepares ahead of time by asking about the colors for wedding, dresses and asking what look you are interested in. She discusses options and truly listens if you want to add more shine or a brighter lip or eye lid. Jennifer made us look beautiful and we all received nothing but compliments all night long!
Thank you Jennifer!




"She is passionate about what she does and that shows with every makeup session she completes."

Jennifer is an amazing makeup artist. One of the things I love about her is that she does not use a cookie cutter technique. She focuses on what every client needs and wants and takes that into account when applying makeup. I for one, I have oily skin and Jennifer always makes sure to focus on applying products that will keep my skin looking refreshed and oil free.  Jennifer is extremely professional both with setting up appointments, punctuality, preparedness. She will be ready and will focus on getting the job done from the moment you sit on her chair till you get up. I love the way she handles herself when working with clients because Jennifer makes her clients feel comfortable and welcomed. Jennifer does not do makeup for the money; she does it because she is passionate about what she does and that shows with every makeup session she completes. I would recommend Jennifer to any woman who wants to have her makeup done in a way that is classy and enhances their true beauty.




"I finally saw myself evolve and produce a look that was worth charging for!"

I just wanted to tell you how much I have progressed since I took your 1:1 Artistry Training class!  I have been watching your videos all week and finally got a model to practice on.  She is just a shade lighter than me and it took me two hours  to get the face done following your method.  It wasn't perfect and nowhere near yours, but I finally saw myself evolve and produce a look that was worth charging for!  Thank you for giving to me so freely.  You are supremely talented!




"The experience and seeing her work is totally different than when sitting at Macy's..."

When I went to my beauty session with Jennifer, I could tell she puts in a lot of work and dedication into what she does!  You can see the passion and joy she gets from doing makeup.  The experience and seeing her work is totally different than when sitting at Macy's or other places.  I love the work that she does, especially the end result!  Jennifer, you have taken makeup to a new & different level!

/  ZENIA N. /



"She made me feel so beautiful and gave me the natural look I was going for!"

I'm so glad that I trusted Jen with doing my make up for my special day.  From the very beginning she was professional and made me feel VERY comfortable throughout the entire process.  I loved that she was always accessible when I needed her.  I was very nervous about having my makeup done because I didn't want to look like I had a lot of makeup on.  Jen was always there to talk me through my fears and reassure me she understood my vision and would deliver.  And she did!  I highly recommend Jen to anyone! You will not be disappointed.  She made me feel so beautiful and gave me the natural look I was going for!  Jen your work is outstanding! 




"She exceeded my expectations and months later I'm still receiving compliments..."

Jennifer is an incredible makeup artist! From our initial phone conversation to my wedding day, I felt completely comfortable with her and confident that she would deliver the natural and soft glam make up I envisioned.  I loved her natural approach to beauty! Her customer service was also amazing, as she was always open for communication leading towards the day of the wedding. Our Bridal Preview session was necessary as it allowed us both time to experiment and finalize the look for the Big day.  And oh my, did Jennifer bring it!  She exceeded my expectations and months later I’m still receiving compliments on how beautiful we all looked. Not only is she talented but she’s truly a kind person and a pleasure to work with!

/  parri b.  /



"From my first appointment I knew she was the perfect person to choose."

I booked Jen a year in advance and from my first appointment I knew she was the perfect person to choose. Jen does a wonderful job listening to your wants and is genuinely interested in your inspiration for your special day. She was professional throughout the process and on time the day of. She knew exactly what I wanted and excelled. She was kind and reassuring as I am not a big make up wearer. She made me feel beautiful and flawless on my wedding day and although I tried no words can describe how appreciative I am. Jen you’re amazing at what you do!

/  zully g.  /


"Jennifer's work blew me away!"

Not sure how to start this but I'll go with, Jennifer's work blew me away!  To be honest I normally do not wear a full face of makeup but I appreciate it and am a fan of a little concealer, mascara, eyeliner, blush and bronzer and that's it and if I'm going out I'll add finishing powder and eye shadow. I keep it simple. With that said I am also very picky and scared to death of the Instagram drawn on brows that have a cookie monster look to them so after going through Jennifer's work on her website and Instagram I felt I found the right professional to deliver a classy, elegant look that allowed me to still feel like myself. Now let's get to the pros and cons.

There are none and I'm being honest here. I was seriously commenting on what I liked and didn't like during the session and Jennifer quickly understood my vision and delivered.

Pros (many but will keep it simple)
-Jennifer gets an A+ for responsiveness and timeliness. She returned my call within hours and showed up early on the wedding day.
-From our first conversation over the phone I could tell she was the right one. She explained her services and the benefits of choosing her; awesome cust service, trained mua who listens.
-Professional appearance, Jen's makeup assured me that she knew what she was doing it was perfect, her hair was slicked back; she looked like she was coming to do makeup on a celebrity.
- She also does grooming services, the hubby's look was looked natural and manly.
-Jennifer was prepared with what looked like a department store spread along with lighting.
-Patience is a virtue they say..a virtue that Jennifer possesses because it must have taken 2 days for me to pick my
-I did not have any issues with cleanliness..her stuff looked spotless
- she included a touch up kit which I didn't use but was a nice touch.

Bottom line, take it from this picky bride and choose Jen if you want a true professional who has honed her craft, takes pride in her work, is attentive and pleasant to work with. Thanks Jen, you are the best!!!

/  tamika c.  /



"I knew that hers were the only hands I could trust on my big day."


I've had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for years now. If it's makeup I need done for a party or just a night out, she always comes through with class, professionalism, and great work! Because of my past experiences working with her, I knew that hers were the only hands I can trust on my big day.

I had an early wedding-- I was set to walk down the aisle at 930am! Jennifer, along with her assistant got to the house I was preparing at at 5am to do my makeup, as well as some of the bridesmaids and my mom. Everyone looked amazing, and to boast, I looked flawless!

I highly recommend Jenn to anyone! She's professional, kind hearted, and is VERY detail oriented. When she does my makeup, I don't feel like I am a client who is paying her for her work. It's as if she is applying makeup on herself for her wedding day.

/  caroline b.  /



"She made me feel like a true BRIDE, like the ones you see on TV!"

I chose Jennifer to be part of the most important day of my life because she is someone you can trust to be on time. She is someone that comes dressed professionally and most importantly is a professional. She listens to your likes and dislikes. I felt so comfortable with her, even without having to do a tutorial. Though I’ve seen her work and immediately fell in love. 

Now let’s talk about my mom. She is not a person that is into herself. She is a very simple woman, but on the day of my wedding, Jennifer made her feel sexy and look beautiful. Trust me, she was in front of the camera loving herself!!! Compliments galore. Okay… back to me now… Loved, loved my makeup. She made me feel like a true BRIDE, like the ones you see on TV!  With that being said, Jennifer thank you for making my day extra special!



/  jossy s.  /



"She went above and beyond in making sure that I was satisfied..."

If you are looking for a PROFESSIONAL make up artist, then look no more! I was very satisfied in having Jennifer as my make up artist for my wedding. She went above and beyond in making sure that I was satisfied and that she tended to my requests.  One of my biggest fears for my special day was that I would have a cakey face and that it would come out in pictures, but Jennifer knows what she’s doing!!! She truly makes sure to cater to her clients by paying attention to every feature on the face and she does everything with details! My make up on my wedding day felt so light weight and natural. Just what I expected from my artist.  

Not only does she cater to your face, but her professionalism is beyond! You can tell just by the conversations that she puts an emphasis on the quality of her work!! You will not be disappointed if you are looking for professionalism, expertise, and great quality!!  Also, her hands smelled great! You know the worst thing you can do is have someone working on your face and have to smell their fried-food smelling hands!! Jennifer was clean, professional, AND organized!!!!!

/  erica f.  /



"Super glad that I trusted Jen with my look!"

Before booking Jennifer for my wedding day, I really wanted to do a bridal trial. I definitely wanted to make sure that I would still look like "me" on my big day. She tried two looks on me and gave me the chance to choose the one I liked best. She let me know what she thought would ultimately work for my face but, still gave me the liberty to choose what I wanted. I definitely ended up looking like a better version of myself! Glad I decided to go with a bridal trial but super glad that I trusted Jen with my look!

/  diana d.  /